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Reenactment Cancelled


To the valued members of our reenactment community and our many other friends and supporters:

We at the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation (“CCBF”) hoped that, for the sake of our Nation, the COVID 19 virus would cease to be a concern as this year progressed. However, we received authoritative medical advice that a reenactment on the scale of the Cedar Creek Battle commemoration would not be in the interest of the health of our reenactors, our other friends, and the many members of the local community who support and celebrate the event. The concern is due, in part, to the number of participants and their travel from distant points and many states. In addition, we have been informed that, even in a scaled-down event, each participant and spectator likely would be required under state law or mandate to wear a mask and maintain a “safe distance” of up to 10 feet from other reenactors and spectators. A small-scale reenactment would also mean that many of our valued participants and spectators would be left out. Finally, we consulted with commanding officers to determine whether adherence to medical advice and legal requirements would be feasible. It is not. Therefore, it is with extreme sadness, but out of concern for the health and safety of all involved, that we have decided to postpone the reenactment that was scheduled for October.

Please be assured that this decision was not made lightly. Each member of the reenactment community and their families are respected and cherished by CCBF. We feel the same way about our many other friends and supporters. We are also certain that the men and women whose valor and perseverance we commemorate would agree with our decision. We will live to “fight” another day.

All current registrations will be honored and can be applied to next year’s Battle of Cedar Creek reenactment. We have already scheduled it for October of 2021. In the alternative, registrants can choose to receive a refund.

In addition, we are anxious to see all of our friends together again as soon as possible. Therefore, we are working with volunteers and supporters to determine if we can schedule a reenactment event in the Spring of 2021. We would be very grateful for your patience and support in these continued endeavors.

Finally, we ask that, no matter where you are on October 19th of this year, please take some time to honor the bravery and sacrifice of the casualties of the Battle of Cedar Creek, as well as the men and women who endured the shock and aftermath of the battle. We ask that you also keep in mind all past and present military personnel, police officers, first responders, medical service personnel, and other citizens whose daily sacrifices and willingness to risk their own safety help to keep our communities safe and secure. Finally, our appreciation and thoughts also extend to the sometimes overlooked workers and owners who keep the stores, coffee shops, and other establishments up and running so that even the smaller details of life can retain a reassuring semblance of normalcy. We will do all that we can to support all of them.

We look forward to seeing you all again as soon as possible. Please stay safe and observe proper precautions.

The Board of The Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation

Help Us To Save The Heater House

CCBF is planning to restore the structure to its condition during the Civil War. The two-story building retains construction technology seldom found in surviving structures from the 18th Century. The project to restore the building will involve tender loving care to retain the hand hewn wood members and plaster that still remain a part of the structure. CCBF has launched a drive to fund the project.

Cedar Creek Battlefield Headquarters

Our Visitor Center and Gift Shop overlooks the Cedar Creek Battlefield and the Belle Grove Plantation, providing picturesque scenery and unprecedented photo opportunities. Passes and maps for the self-guided tour of the XIX Corps earthworks can be obtained here as well as information that tell more about the battle and the lands upon which it was fought.

New Operations Manager

We are pleased to announce Ashley Sonntag as the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation’s Operations Manager/Museum Curator.When asked what sparked her interest in history, she answered with anecdotes of childhood family trips to Gettysburg where museums and living historians inspired her. She looks forward to making memorable experiences for our visitors and working with our park partners.
Ashley is leading the creation of a new museum space at CCBF Visitor Center so look for a Grand Opening Celebration as well as many other new guest experiences.