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The Battle of Cedar Creek’s 156th Anniversary Reenactment

October 17-18, 2020

Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation (CCBF) is officially announcing next year’s 156th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Cedar Creek on October 17-18, 2020.   Please put the date on your calendar and tell your friends that Cedar Creek carries on.

Also CCBF wishes to express our thanks to all of those who attended the 2019 reenactment event celebrating the 155th Anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek.  We feel it was a successful event.  We could sense a spirit of rejuvenation is in the air, a fresh start.  The 2019 event felt like justification and rebirth after the experience of 2017 and the forced cancellation of 2018.  Thank all of you for your faith and perseverance.



The recent unsealing of an FBI search warrant has fueled national press interest in threats made several years ago against the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation and other participants in battlefield preservation and reenactment activities.  The Foundation, like the rest of the public, is simply observing the efforts of law enforcement and awaiting their outcome.   However, the REAL STORY of the sacrifice, generosity and courage of our community of supporters – and especially the reenactors – is often overlooked in the scramble to report recent events.



For years, the dedication and perseverance of our community of supporters has resulted in preservation of key Shenandoah Valley battlefield land and resources, public education, and a series of unparalleled reenactments that showcase the grit, patriotism and public spirit of our entire community.  The importance and uniqueness of this continuing grassroots effort has even attracted international attention and film crews who understand that there is something very special here.  This has all been done on a volunteer basis and at great personal expense to our many volunteers and dedicated reenactors.  While this may go unnoticed in some of the press reports, it is foremost in our thoughts.  We will be forever grateful.   We will continue to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you, as a team, in the spirit of public service and dedication to the principles that have yielded such positive results.  Again, we at the Foundation – a small group of citizen volunteers –  wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your courage, dedication and support.

Cedar Creek Battlefield Headquarters

Our Visitor Center and Gift Shop overlooks the Cedar Creek Battlefield and the Belle Grove Plantation, providing picturesque scenery and unprecedented photo opportunities. Passes and maps for the self-guided tour of the XIX Corps earthworks can be obtained here as well as information that tell more about the battle and the lands upon which it was fought.


CCBF is planning to restore the structure to its condition during the Civil War. The two-story building retains construction technology seldom found in surviving structures from the 18th Century. The project to restore the building will involve tender loving care to retain the hand hewn wood members and plaster that still remain a part of the structure. CCBF has launched a drive to fund the project.

Hupp’s Hill Civil War Museum and Park

The centerpiece of this 18 acre Civil War Park is the Hupp’s Hill Cedar Creek Museum where the story of the 1864 Valley campaign is told through artifacts, collections and theater presentations. The walking trails wind through well preserved earthworks and tell the story of the property’s occupation by Federal troops in 1864.