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Vermont Marker

Senator Benning and Author Howard Coffin

A beautiful new roadside marker in the green and gold colors of Vermont now graces the Valley Pike in Middletown, Virginia.  The unveiling took place October 19, 2014, 150 years to the day of the Battle of Cedar Creek.  On that day troops from the 1st Vermont Brigade, the 8th and 10th Vermont Infantries and the 1st Vermont Cavalry fought desperately to slow the attack of the Confederate Army.  With considerable losses the Union prevailed and thus ended the Confederate hold on the Shenandoah Valley.  Accompanying the battlefield marker is a wayside marker featuring the painting “The Battle of Cedar Creek” Julian Scott.  The original painting is displayed in the Cedar Creek room at the Vermont State House.  Dedicated by Vermont State Senator Joe Benning and Civil War Author Howard Coffin, Senator Benning closed the ceremony by stating “We stand here today, not as the descendants of enemies, but rather as the ancestors of friends and fellow countrymen – may it always be so.”