It’s a big day for the web team here at Cedar Creek today, not only are heading quickly to the first cutoff date for early registrations for the 155th Battle of Bull Run-Manassas Reenactor registrations (if you’re planning to take part in the reenactment we encourage you to get your registration in before the February 1st deadline as the price will rise from $15 to $25, you can register online here), but today we have launched our reenactor registration forms for this October’s 152nd Anniversary of the Battle of Cedar Creek!

Click here to register today and take advantage of our early registration fees.


We have also made available spectator tickets for both of this year’s major reenactments, you can find a ticket order form for the 155th Bull Run – Manassas Reenactment at or tickets for the 152nd Battle of Cedar Creek event at .

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in July AND October.

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