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Order of Battle at Cedar Creek

Federal Forces

VI Army Corps

1st Division

1st Brigade

4th New Jersey
10th New Jersey

15th New Jersey 

2d Brigade

2d Connecticut Heavy Artillery
65th New York

121st New York
95th Pennsylvania
96th Pennsylvania 

2d Division

1st Brigade

62d New York
93d Pennsylvania

102d Pennsylvania
139th Pennsylvania 

2d Brigade

2d Vermont
3d Vermont

4th Vermont
6th Vermont
11th Vermont Heavy Artillery 

3d Brigade

1st Maine
43d New York

49th New York
77th New York
122d New York
61st Pennsylvania 

3d Division

1st Brigade

14th New Jersey
106th New York

151st New York
184th New York
87th Pennsylvania
10th Vermont 

2d Brigade

6th Maryland
9th New York Heavy Artillery

110th Ohio
122d Ohio
126th Ohio
67th Pennsylvania
138th Pennsylvania 

Artillery Brigade, Sixth Corps

5th Maine Artillery
1st NewYork Artillery Battery

Batteries C & G, 1st Rhode Island Artillery
Battery M, 5th US Artillery

VIII Army Corps (Army of West Virginia)

1st Division

1st Brigade

34th Massachusetts
5th New York Heavy Artillery

116th Ohio
123d Ohio 

3d Brigade

23d Illinois
54th Pennsylvania

10th West Virginia
11th West Virginia
15th West Virginia 

2d Division

1st Brigade

23d Ohio
36th Ohio

5th West Virginia
13th West Virginia 

2d Brigade

34th Ohio
91st Ohio

9th West Virginia
114th West Virginia 

Artillery Brigade, Eighth Corps

Battery L, 1st Ohio Light Artillery
Battery D, 1st Pennsylvania Reserve Light Artillery

Battery B, 5th US Artillery

Provisional Division (Col. Kitching)

6th New York Heavy Artillery
Miscellaneous Elements

XIX Corps

1st Division

1st Brigade

29th Maine
30th Massachusetts

90th New York
114th New York
116th New York
153d New York 

2d Brigade

12th Connecticut
160th New York

47th Pennsylvania
8th Vermont 

Division Artillery

5th New York Artillery

2d Division 

1st Brigade

9th Connecticut Battalion
12th Maine

14th Maine
26th Massachusetts
14th New Hampshire
75th New York

2d Brigade

13th Connecticut
3d Massachusetts Cavalry (dismounted)

11th Indiana Veteran
22d Iowa
131st New York
159th New York 

3d Brigade

38th Massachusetts
128th New York

156th New York
175th New York
176th New York 

4th Brigade

8th Indiana
18th Indiana

24th Iowa
28th Iowa 

Division Artillery

1st Battery, ME Light Artillery
Battery D, 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery

17th Battery, Indiana Light Artillery

Cavalry Corps

1st Cavalry Division

1st Brigade

1st Michigan Cavalry
5th Michigan Cavalry

6th Michigan Cavalry
7th Michigan Cavalry
6th New York Battery

2d Brigade

4th New York Cavalry (HQ’s guard)
6th New York Cavalry

9th New York Cavalry
19th New York Cavalry
Batteries K & L, 5th US Artillery 

Reserve Brigade

2d Massachusetts Cavalry
6th Pennsylvania Cavalry (Army HQ’s)

1st US Cavalry
2d US Cavalry
5th US Cavalry 

Division Artillery

6th Battery, NewYork Light Artillery
Batteries C & E, 4th US Artillery 

2d Cavalry Division (Army of West Virginia)

1st Brigade

22d Pennsylvania Cavalry

2d Brigade

1st New York Cavalry
1st West Virginia Cavalry

2d West Virginia Cavalry
3d West Virginia Cavalry 

Division Artillery

Battery L, 5th US Artillery

3d Cavalry Division

1st Brigade

1st Connecticut Cavalry
3d New Jersey Cavalry

2d NewYork Cavalry
5th NewYork Cavalry
2d Ohio Cavalry
18th Pennsylvania Cavalry 

2d Brigade

3d Indiana Cavalry
1st New Hampshire Cavalry

8th NewYork Cavalry
22d NewYork Cavalry
1st Vermont Cavalry 

Horse Artillery

Batteries B & L, 2d US Artillery
Batteries C, F & K, 2d US Artillery

Confederate Forces

Army of Northern Virginia

(Higher Headquarters- not present at battle)

Second Corps

Rodes Division

Battle’s Brigade 

3d Alabama 
5th alabama 
6th Alabama 
12th Alabama 
61st Alabama 

Grimes’ Brigade 

32d North Carolina 
53d North Carolina 
2d North Carolina Battalion 
43d North Carolina 
45th North Carolina 

Cook’s Brigade 

4th Georgia 
12th Georgia 
21st Georgia 
44th Georgia 

Cox’s Brigade 

1st North Carolina 
2d North Carolina 
3d North Carolina 
4th North Carolina 
14th North Carolina 
30th North Carolina

Kershaw’s Division 

Conner’s Brigade

2d South Carolina 
3d South Carolina 
7th South Carolina 
8th South Carolina 
15th South Carolina 
20th South Carolina 
30th South Carolina Battalion

Humphrey’s Brigade

13th Mississippi 
17th Mississippi 
18th Mississippi 
21st Mississippi

Wofford’s Brigade

16th Georgia 
18th Georgia 
24th Georgia 
3d Georgia Battalion 
Cobb’s (Georgia) Legion 
Philip’s (Georgia) Legion 

Simms’ Brigade

10th Georgia 
50th Georgia 
51st Georgia 
53d Georgia

Pegram’s Division 

Pegram’s Brigade

13th Virginia 
31st Virginia 
49th Virginia 
52d Virginia 
58th Virginia 

Johnston’s Brigade 

5th North Carolina 
12th North Carolina 
20th North Carolina 
23d North Carolina 
1st North Carolina Sharpshooters

Goodwin’s Brigade

6th North Carolina
21st North Carolina
54th North Carolina
57th North Carolina

Gordon’s Division 

Evan’s Brigade

13th Georgia 
26th Georgia 
31st Georgia 
38th Georgia 
60th Georgia 
61st Georgia 
12th Georgia Battalion

Hay’s Brigade

5th Louisiana 
6th Louisiana 
7th Louisiana 
8th Louisiana 
9th Louisiana

Stafford’s Brigade

1st Louisiana 
2d Louisiana 
10th Louisiana 
14th Louisiana 
15th Louisiana

Terry’s Brigade 

Remnants- 2d, 4th, 5th, 10th, 21st, 23d, 25th, 27th, 33d, 
37th, 42d, 44th, 48th, 50th Virginia Regiments 

Wharton’s Division

Wharton’s Brigade

45th Virginia 
50th Virginia 
51st Virginia 
30th Virginia Battalion Sharpshooters

Echol’s Brigade

22d Virginia 
23d Virginia 
26th Virginia Battalion

Smith’s Brigade

36th Virginia 
60th Virginia 
45th Virginia Battalion 
Thomas’s legion


Lomax’s Cavalry Division

Imboden’s Brigade

18th Virginia Cavalry 
23d Virginia Cavalry 
62d Virginia Mounted Infantry

Johnson’s Brigade

8th Virginia Cavalry 
21st Virginia Cavalry 
22d Virginia Cavalry 
34th Virginia Cavalry Battalion 
36th Virginia Cavalry Battalion

McCausland’s Brigade

14th Virginia Cavalry 
16th Virginia Cavalry 
17th Virginia Cavalry 
25th Virginia Cavalry Battalion 
37th Virginia Cavalry Battalion

Jackson’s Brigade

2d Maryland Cavalry 
19th Virginia Cavalry 
20th Virginia Cavalry 
46th Virginia Cavalry Battalion 
47th Virginia Cavalry Battalion

Rosser’s Division 

Wickham’s Brigade

1st Virginia Cavalry 
2d Virginia Cavalry 
3d Virginia Cavalry 
4th Virginia Cavalry

Payne’s Brigade

5th Virginia Cavalry 
6th Virginia Cavalry 
15th Virginia Cavalry

Rosser’s Brigade

7th Virginia Cavalry 
11th Virginia Cavalry 
12th Virginia Cavalry 
35th Virginia Cavalry Battalion


Braxton’s Brigade

Virginia Battery (Carpenter’s) 
Virginia Battery (Hardwicke’s) 
Virginia Battery (Cooper’s)

Cutshaw’s Battalion

Virginia Battery (Carrington’s) 
Virginia Battery (Tanner’s) 
Virginia Battery (Garber’s)

King’s Battalion

Virginia Battery (Bryan’s) 
Virginia Battery (Chapman’s) 
Virginia Battery (Lowry’s)

Carter’s Battalion

Alabama Battery (Reese’s) 
Virginia Battery (W. P. Carter’s) 
Virginia Battery (Pendleton’s) 
Virginia Battery (Fry’s)

Nelson’s Battalion

Georgia Battery (Milledge’s) 
Virginia Battery (Kirpatrick’s) 
Virginia Battery (Massdie’s)

Horse Artillery

Maryland Battery (Griffin’s) 
Virginia Battery (Jackson’s) 
Virginia Battery (Lurty’s) 
Virginia Battery (McClanahan’s) 
Virginia Battery (Johnston’s) 
Virginia Battery (Shoemaker’s) 
Virginia Battery (Thompson’s)