Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register as a reenactor for one of your events?

Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation requests that those wishing to register for our October event do so using our on-line registration service. The “on-line” service provides the opportunity to register as an individual or as a unit. To do so, please go to our website at and under the “Events/Battle of Cedar Creek 2015 – Reenactors” heading utilize one of the options, Register Online or Register by Postal. Both methods require you to enter a valid email address.


Register Online provides the registrant(s) the ability to enter their respective information and to pay using a credit card or by using a pay pal account. The registrant(s) will automatically receive an emailed acknowledgement and confirmation upon completion of your submittal. CCBF recommends that you copy and/or save this confirmation. You will also receive a matching Pay Pal receipt (via email) that should be saved as well.


Register by Postal provides the registrant(s) the ability to enter their respective information and to pay by mailing in a check. This option provides the registrant(s) an emailed acknowledgement that you must copy and mail in with your check. You will subsequently receive a confirmation by email when your check is received and applied to your respective registration submittal.


All confirmations will be electronic (by email). Please note that no registration is complete until payment is received. All payments must be received in a timely manner.


Please note that CCBF realizes there are situations that prevent individuals from submitting their registration electronically. For those who cannot submit their registration through one of the desired methods above, please CLICK HERE to access and print out a registration form and waiver that you may mail in with your check to register. CCBF will not mail an acknowledgement.


Periodically, CCBF will post on our webpage a list of confirmed registrations. Registration cuts off on October 3rd, 2016. Submittals through that date will be honored with receipt of payment. CCBF does not guarantee registration for payments not received in a timely manner.


Waivers may be signed upon arrival at the registration tent in lieu of mailing a signed waiver form in

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