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All spectators at CCBF events are free to take photographs and film any CCBF event for personal, non-commercial purposes.   We define “commercial purposes” below. However, you must be sure not to intrude upon anyone’s privacy or upon the activities and the undisturbed enjoyment of other spectators or participants. Therefore, we require that you do not use concealed recording or filming devices, film spectators without their permission, alter the placement of any CCBF barriers or equipment, enter into prohibited areas, or otherwise create disruptions. This will help us all to enjoy the event together.

Please do not presume that the subjects of your photographs, filming activities, recordings, or other works have granted permission for your commercial use, or other public use, of their images and activities.

If you are reporting on the event for a news outlet, taking photographs or recording for commercial purposes, or are making a documentary, fiction film or other artistic work for commercial purposes, you must provide an advance written request, as described below, and you (and your crew) must sign a Liability Waiver and Location Use Agreement. These agreement terms will be available for our mutual consideration via contact with CCBF’s Headquarters. Based on your request and the nature of your proposed activities, we may require support fees and other special considerations. We support the press, writers and artists, but need to ensure that all activities are non-intrusive and otherwise in compliance with the requirements of our events that are, for example, in the nature of dramatic reenactments and living history presentations. They should be treated as such, and the creative expression of our participants, such as our reenactors, living historians, and lecturers should be respected and undisturbed.

In general, the press are welcome, but must provide an advance written request to attend an event, such as a reenactment, at least thirty (30) days before the event. This advance request process is needed so that matters such as credentials, number of crew members, proposed activities, equipment, and equipment placement can be assessed. In short, it is unlikely that we will be able to accommodate persons or organizations that do not provide advance notice and make the proper arrangements. Because the events are generally conducted and attended as performances, teaching/learning experiences, and for recreational and entertainment purposes, we will likely prohibit the “roving” style of filming, recording and interview solicitation. As with any performance and audience event, we do not want the participants and spectators to be intruded upon as they try to enjoy the limited time available for the event. If you seek to conduct interviews during an event, you must make advance arrangements and may need to operate in a designated area or areas. You might also consider applying for placement of a “press booth” or tent. We cannot guarantee that all press and media requests will be accommodated.

One of our chief goals in creating this media policy is to ensure that third party commercial activities are properly conducted and, also, fairly contribute to the funding of preservation activities and other activities that make the events possible. If the photography, filming, recording or other work is being created for commercial purposes, you will need to contact us at least thirty (30) days in advance of the event and we can attempt to arrange terms for a Liability Waiver and Location Use Agreement. We might not be able to accommodate attempts to accelerate or shorten this process, and even if possible, additional fees may be required.

By “commercial purposes” we mean that the results of your efforts are intended for solicitation of business or employment, sale, trade, delivery to client or customer, use in an advertisement, or use in a work that includes advertisements or for which the audience pays or is solicited for funding.  Yes – this means all forms of cable, broadcast, motion pictures, streaming, social media, and all other forms of communication, publishing or distribution that either require fees or other consideration (such as the provision of data), are conducted for profit, accept advertisements or solicit donations, and/or provide the results to an audience other than personal friends and family members.

Please direct any questions and requests to our CCBF Headquarters. Questions and requests should be in writing and followed-up by a phone call to our Headquarters. We cannot accept responsibility for missed or misdirected questions and requests.

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