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The Battle of Fisher’s Hill by Jonathan A. Noyalas


The Battle of Fisher’s Hill – Written by Jonathan A. Noyalas¬†and published by The History Press.

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The Battle of Fisher’s Hill: Breaking the Shenandoah Valley’s Gibraltar

Written by Jonathan A. Noyalas. Published by The History Press.

This newest addition to the literary collection celebrating the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War by Jonathan A. Noyalas provides us a picture of a too often overlooked contest in the Shenandoah. The Battle of Fisher’s Hill created a greater opportunity to destroy harvests from the “Breadbasket of the Confederacy” than any other Union victory in the hotly contested Shenandoah Valley. Union major general Philip Sheridan’s men forced Confederate lieutenant general Jubal A. Early’s smaller force to retreat, leading to the burning of barns and mills across the region. In this first-ever book focused on this engagement, Civil War historian Jonathan A. Noyalas explains the battle, its effect on area civilians and its meaning to both sides, as well as the battlefield’s important role in postwar reunion and reconciliation.